All Photos by Baylie Ranae Photo

All Photos by Baylie Ranae Photo


i do not currently have any workshops scheduled, but will put the information here when I start planning one


Workshops are welcome to anyone and everyone at all skill levels! If you are someone who is eager to start your own business, or maybe you already own a business and you are wanting to learn more, or perhaps you are just wanting to learn a new hobby and have a fun time with friends!

I dropped out of college a few years ago when I realized that experience was more valuable than a degree in the floral industry. I decided to dive in and learn as much as I possibly could about being a florist. I attended workshops, shadowed with other florists for events, and learned from myself by trial and error. I cannot emphasize the importance of this! This is what gave me the foundation I needed to grow my business.

I looked at the cost of workshops as my “tuition” and found it incredibly valuable, as I walked away a better florist each time. I was able to ask questions to someone who had more experience than I did, and learn different techniques and tips.

One of the best parts about attending a workshop, is the amazing people you get to meet! Florists at all different stages, and other creatives who are working side by side to create something beautiful. Making connections is EVERYTHING when starting a business like this, and getting to make friends with other florists is very valuable.

By working in this environment, it helps people to stop looking at other florists as competition. Each florist has their own unique style, technique, and mind behind each arrangement. Work together and help each other out! We are here as friends, and should build each other up. This is the BEAUTIFUL part of working in this industry that I have grown to appreciate and love.

I would love to flower with you!